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Hello friends!!!

This is a life long passion that came true from an amazing support from my number one fan, my best friend, my college amazing husband. It's because of his incredible belief in my talent and abilities that I want to share my talent with others. 

Not to mention there are some incredible family and friends who have a confidence in me...that would be truly disappointed if I sold myself short and not pursue this. But most importantly, all of this is truly an act of submission to a tugging in my heart placed by the great "I AM". <3

Check out my shop and see a piece of who I am in every design, every outfit, every product. Let me know if there is anything that you are looking for. 

The names of the dresses are inspired by the many women and little girls in my lives who's personality are expressed in the colors, designs, and style.

And check out my instagram for more photos @heartfeltdesignsbygee and etsy store for more crafts and items not at this store

Isaiah 48:17